Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shipping News: Equal opportunity kissing with Doctor Who and more slash/femslash madness.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last instalment of this silly little series and the world of shipping has moved on without me… and boy has it been moving. The Doctor locked lips with someone unexpected, your fav slash and femslash ships are still battling it out, John Barrowman talks Sterek and Tumblr starting shipping AfterElton with Vh1. As you can see there is much to discuss so let’s get started. 

*mild spoilers for new Doctor Who

Well let’s start with the return of Doctor Who – I ship me with watching it so it fits OK. But in actually shipping news – the series began with shipper pain. The Ponds, the OTP of a lifetime, was getting divorced! Yes I said that right; they had signed the papers and everything. Distraught, if Amy and Rory can’t make it then what hope do the rest of us have.  It’s Ok though no need to give up on happily ever after just yet because the Doctor was able to prescribe them some conversation time and the episode ended with Amy give a very excited Rory some serious bedroom eyes. 

Moving on – there’s no time for sentimentality there’s shipping to be done. 

The second episode was more diverse in its shipping tastes… we had Queen Nefertiti of Egypt paired with a walking innuendo aka Edwardian explorer John Riddell (played by Rupert "not our division" Graves). And proving that the Doctor doesn’t care about your hetronomativity he plants a big one right on the lips of Mr Pond himself. Naturally the fangirls went crazy - yes that does include me. Rory himself didn’t seem quite as excited but I think he was just surprised. (Personally I’ve always shipped the Doctor with ALL the Ponds... One True Threesome anyone?)

In other news...

AfterElton and AfterEllen slash/femslash madness are still going strong. Round three is happening now but heres the lowdown on what's happened so far.

Ladies first - I was disappointed because because Faith/Buffy (BtVS)were knocked out by Rizzoli/Isles who went on to beat Alex and Olivia (Law and Order SVU). Gossip Girl's Blair/Serena made it through round one but lost out to Emily/JJ from Criminal Minds. Britta/Annie (Community) beat Katie/Effy (Skins) only to loose to the fantasy chicks Cara/Kahlan from Legend of the Seeker. My beloved Swan Queen (Emma/Regina - Once Upon A Time) rocketed to round three easily taking out Alice/Bella (Twilight) and Captain Janeway/Seven of Nine (ST: Voyager). Elphaba/Glinda (Wicked) beat out Lily/Robin (HIMYM) but was beaten in turn by H.G./Myka (Warehouse 13). No surprise Rachel/Quinn coasted their sexual tension all the way to round 3. Naturally Xena/Gabrielle won over new comers Alison/Lydia, from my new fav TV show Teen Wolf and again with Angela/Brennan (Bones). Finally Betty/Gladys (Bomb Girls) beat the wonderful Gwen/Sybil (Downton Abbey) but ultimately it was Kalinda/Alicia (The Good Wife) that made their way to round three.

Boys love - The first round saw Harry/Draco narrowly defeat Mike/Harvey (Suits) and then easily knocked out White Collar's Peter & Neal. Poor Damon/Alaric (The Vampire Diaries) didn't stand a chance against the powerhouse that is Sterek (Stiles/Derek - Teen Wolf) and neither could the lovely Angel/Spike (BtVS). Merlin/Arthur and Erik/Charles (X-Men: First Class) both made it through round one only to meet in round two with Merthur ultimately winning out against the mutant husbands. Legolas/Aragorn became the ultimate LOTR's slash couple, beating out Frodo/Sam and then Psych's Shawn/Gus. Troy and Abed (Community) got through round one but then lost to Stargate Atlantis's McShep. The original Kirk/Spock (Star Trek) beat out the reboot but then lost to the force of nature that is Destiel - who managed to beat Wincest in an epic Supernatural showdown. I was sorry to see Steve/Tony beaten by Thor/Loki - we clearly need some more Ironman/Captain America interaction in the Marvel cinematic universe but Thor/Loki was beaten by Sherlock/John from BBC's Sherlock. Finally Eames/Arthur (Inception) and the Doctor/Captain Jack (Doctor Who) with Eames/Arthur ultimately coming out on top.

Well there you have it... it's all fun and games until someone's ship comes up against Sterek. But really it's super fun and there doesn't seem to be that much wank coming from it. Plus it's worth anything to watch all the fun that comes from the AfterElton tumblr.

Speaking of tumblr madness. When some little tumblrian decided to ask Vh1 which was they're favourite Teen Wolf character I don't think they realised what they started. When Vh1 answered Sterek AfterElton decided to use the ask to advertise Slash Madness it began a back and forth that created a ship called Vhelton (Vh1/AfterElton). It got even better when Entertainment Weekly tried to get in on the action, which is awkward because it was Entertainment Weekly ignorance that the whole wonderful slash madness tournament came from. The awkward was soon forgotten though when the Teen Wolf tumblr announced that they were shipping Vhelton!

Also someone wrote a fan fic. I just really love the Internet Ok. And Sterek, I love Sterek - bringing people together!

Speaking of Sterek inspiring people. John Barrowman gave a shout out to the couple and the slash madness tournament on Attack of the Show and he had a little bit of fun shaming Entertainment Weekly a little bit more, which we always enjoy.

Well that's all for now... don't forget to comment and such.